The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Dead Heir - Session #6 - Epilogue

Don't you believe in God...

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Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-Coyote – Marie-Pascal

After the group consigns Anton Lokosic’s body into the hands of Loam, the Water Dragon, they clean up the mess the fight left. Taylor takes Lokosic’s Buick to a wrecker she knows who is willing to make sure the car is disposed of discretely. Once they’ve done cleaning up the mess, they decides to go home and get some rest.

They spend Saturday recovering from their ordeal. Randal goes over to his mother’s house to help her with some yard work. Taylor spends some time catching up on work at the garage and Ginger dyes her hair. Drake decides to pay a visit to Leland Merriweather for some advice.

Drake explains to Leland that they discovered that Lokosic was responsible for the death of Jennifer Christopher and reveals that he was responsible for killing Lokosic with a force bolt to the head. Leland reminds Drake to make sure to be careful regarding the target of the force bolt, because killing a human would be in violation of the First Law of Magic. Eventually Drake asks his mentor if he knows any priests that could help them ensure that Jennifer receives a proper burial. Leland directs his protégé to Father Patrick O’Rourke at the Cathedral of the Christ the King.

On Saturday evening, the four heroes meet up at The Strumpet and Firkin pub for drinks. Drake comes clean about the time he spent in Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital so that they can better understand why he killed Lokosic. Randal asks about the White Council and their importance. Drake proceeds to explain that the White Council is the governing body for Wizards and that the Wardens are their police force. This leads to Drake stumbling through an explanation of the Laws of Magic. His explanation of The Seventh Law of Magic did a good job of confusing the group. Eventually at the end of the night Drake gets around to telling the group that they need to see Father O’Rourke to ensure that Jennifer gets a proper burial.

At one point during the night a drink is sent to the table for Drake. The waitress who brought the drink reveals that it was sent by an average looking blond. Drake saunters over the table to speak with the girl. The girl introduces herself as Alisha and proceeds to flirt with Drake. At the end of the night she kisses him and gives him her phone number. The two eventually go on a date where she claims to have the ability to see ghosts after Drake claims he’s a paranormal psychologist.

Drake, Taylor, Randal and Ginger decide to go to Sunday mass at the Cathedral of the Christ the King. When the mass concludes, Drake approaches the priest who gave the sermon to ask about Father O’Rourke. The young priest who introduces himself as Father Jonathan points to a confessional. Drake goes into the confessional and confesses his sin of killing a vampire. This prompts priest to invite Drake to accompany him into a back room to talk. The story of Jennifer’s death at the hands of the Anton Lokosic comes out. Ginger explains to Father O’Rourke that as a final gesture of respect to Jennifer, she would like to ensure that the girl gets a proper burial. The priest agrees to help (and possibly provide help in the future) and writes a letter for Ginger to give to Catherine Christopher.

Ginger gives the letter to Catherine Christopher. When she reads the priest’s letter indicating that the church will bury her daughter on consecrated ground, she breaks out in tears of joy. She invites the group to Jennifer’s funeral which will be conducted by Father O’Rourke.


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