The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Game Plan - Session #1 - Game On!

Count down to kick--off!


Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-coyote – Marie-Pascal

At the same time that Jean’s body was washed upon the shores of Lake Ontario so did the front page of the Hamilton from December 5th, 1973. Randal reads the page and notices several interesting articles. The first is trumpeting the Ti-Cats’ Grey Cup win at Ivor Wynn Stadium (something they haven’t done since). The second article talks about a mysterious fire that broke out on the shores of Lake Ontario. The third article is partially damaged but mentions the murder of a J Meriwether. After some discussion Randal, Drake and Taylor decide that the page is some kind of sign and that they should each investigate one of the articles.

Randal immediately volunteers to investigate the article about Tiger Cat’s Grey Cup victory. When the football fan investigates the article he doesn’t find much that stands out. Randal finds a news article notes that the Ti-Cats victory was followed by almost 30 years of futility. The author of the article points out to the fact that the current season is one of the best the franchise has had since that time. He credits Jennifer Hammond’s purchase of the team after former owner David Jones’ untimely demise for the franchise’s turnaround. The article then goes to predict that the Ti-Cats will win the Grey Cup.

The article about the fire that broke out on the shores of Lake Ontario is interesting because it states that the fire department was never able to determine what caused the fire. Upon further investigation Taylor discovers that eye witnesses claim the fire did not break out on shore but instead the lake itself was on fire. The most popular explanation of these eye witness accounts was that an oil spill caught on fire. During the course of her investigation Taylor gets the impression that Loam wants to tell her something but holding back.

Drake quickly determines that the person murdered was a local businessman named John Meriwether. He discovers that John Meriwether was found stabbed to death on the shores of Lake Ontario and that the person responsible was never found so the crime remains unsolved. Drake suspects that John is the brother that Leland Merriweather has hinted at but never confirmed during the course of their lessons. Leland never told his protégé that his brother had been murdered.

Meanwhile Ginger is back at the farm visiting with her family and discovers that her family is in danger of losing their home. Her brother Marc sits down and informs Ginger that the City of Hamilton has told him that they intend to use the eminent domain law to purchase the family farm. Property developer Jennifer Hammond intends to use the land to build several malls and big box stores. She’s also offered to build a medical clinic to make the development plan more palatable. Marc outlines how he’s gone to lawyers, community groups and politicians with his family’s problems. These people are sympathetic but tell Marc that there isn’t much that can be done.

Ginger visits the office of William Christopher the lawyer handling the family’s case to discuss her family’s plight. She pleads with William Christopher to do what he can to help the Baker family. The lawyer is sympathetic and informs her that he’s doing all he can to help. He tells her that there environmental impact assessment revealed nothing he could use to block the development and that all the motions he’s filed to stop to purchase of the land have been rejected. The only way that the Baker family farm can be saved is to convince Jennifer Hammond to drop the project.

As she’s leaving William asks Ginger to give the group a token of his appreciation for their help investigating his daughter’s death. He hands her an envelope containing 4 tickets to the upcoming CFL Eastern Division Championship and the Grey Cup – both taking place in Hamilton. The opportunity to go to these two games is met with great excitement!

The next evening Randal, Drake, Taylor and Ginger decide to meet up at The Strumpet and Firkin for drinks and to fill each other in on what has transpired. They resolve to do all they can to help save the Baker family farm. They also agree to enjoy the upcoming football game.


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