The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Game Plan - Session #2 - Farm Aid

Down on the Baker Farm


Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-coyote – Marie-Pascal

After dispensing with the serious business the group decides to spend some time questioning Taylor about the Dragon in her head and Randal about his sex life. Taylor eventually opens up and tells the group about her service to Loam a Water Dragon residing in Lake Ontario. The group learns that Loam often gives her instructions by speaking in her mind. In exchange for her service the Dragon fuels the magic she wields. Despite pressure from the group Randal is reluctant to open up about his sex life. The group’s manages to make him blush with some bawdy jokes.

Jayne Basset is a Hamilton City Councilor whom William Christopher suggested would be sympathetic to the Baker’s cause. Ginger hopes that she (and Drake) can enlist the politician’s help in saving the family farm. Jayne is not what you’d expect out of a politician. She’s kind, considerate and has a genuine desire to work for the people. She tells Ginger that she’d be glad to help her out and outlines the options that remain. She tells Ginger that she intends to filibuster on the issue giving the Baker’s more time. She also give’s Ginger the contact information from some environmental groups that may also be willing to help. She suggests that the council might be convinced to stop the purchase if they discovered that the environmental assessment had missed something. The councilor willing provides Ginger a copy of the environmental impact to look over.

Ginger asks Randal to look over the environment assessment since he’s the only one in the group with knowledge of such things. Randaldetermines that they might be able to convince people destroying the habitat of the local coyote pack (Ginger’s family) will drive the coyotes into the city. He suggests that it might help their story if Ginger is seen wandering the streets as a coyote. They group retires for the evening with a plan of action and looking forward to Saturday’s Ti-Cats game.

As if the excitement of having tickets to the game isn’t enough Randal discovers that some of the former Ti-Cats owner David Jones memorabilia is being auctioned off before kick-off. He drags the group to the auction with hope of picking something up. When they get there they discover a treasure trove of Ti-Cats memorabilia available.

Randal’s eye is drawn to a stack of personal journals written by the deceased. While trying perusing the journals to see if they’re something worth buying he reads passages that indicate that the man kept the Ti-Cats from winning on purpose. Randal takes the group aside to convince them that the journals might be of value and they should pool their resources to purchase them. The group agrees but they soon discover that there is another person interested in the journals…

When the bidding starts they discover that man flipping a quarter (or at least it appears to be) keeps on outbidding Randal. As a result he manages to purchase the first two batches of journals. Before the third batch of journals goes on sale the group sends Ginger over to the man hoping to distract him so that that he’ll miss the bidding and they can purchase the journals. Their plan succeeds and they’re able to purchase the journals.

Ginger manages to distract the man long enough for the group to purchase the last batch of the journals. As she does that the man drops the coin he’s flipping at her feet. She picks up the coin at her feet intending to give it back to the man but upon noticing that the coin in fact silver she hesitates. The man notices her hesitation and introduces himself as Dauriel. After a brief conversation he insists that he has no use for the coin and that she should keep it.

An excited Ginger shows the group her new found silver coin. Drake informs her that the coin is over 2000 years old and is extremely valuable. Much to his horror he also recognizes that the coin is a Blackened Denarius. A fact that he decides to keep hidden from the rest of the group…


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