The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Game Plan - Session Summary #3 - A Lopsided Affair

This game is starting to become a blow out


Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-coyote – Marie-Pascal

The group takes their seats hoping to enjoy the game. Randal takes the time to peruse his David Jones’ journals to see if he can’t find any clues that give them insight into the currently mystery. He does find a few entries that indicate that the dying David Jones tried to find a buyer for his team that would keep the terrible pact that he had made. The former Ti-Cats owners even writes that he tried to convince Leland Merriweather to purchase the team but the wizard lacked the means to do so. When Randal mentions this to Drake the young wizard is surprised for he’s always known his mentor as being a poor man.

The game starts at the Ti-Cats score an early touchdown. When this happens Randal and Drake notice a spiritual tiger over the scoreboard. The spiritual tiger seems to be taking wounds every time the Tiger-Cats score. The two men point this out to their female companions. Taylor and Ginger can’t see the spiritual tiger and think the men must be drunk.

Drake is overwhelmed by what he sees when he opens his eye and glance in the direction of the spiritual tiger. He seems the tiger locked in a deadly struggle with a giant hand demonic hand. The hand seems to be coming up from nowhere to wound the spiritual tiger every time the Ti-Cats score. For now the demonic hand seems to be winning the struggle. When Drake manages to close his eye he is flush and drained. Randal quickly moves to help the haggard wizard to his seat.

Drake suggests that the group investigate the spiritual tiger’s battle. Ginger and Taylor still don’t believe that the spiritual tiger exists so he takes only Randal with him. The pair sneak onto the giant score board towering at one end of the stadium. Just as then begin their investigation into the spiritual tiger’s struggle they are accosted non-descript man wearing a pair of black slacks, a black turtleneck and a black wind breaker.

The man warns the pair away claiming that they are meddling in matters that are of no concern to them. He informs them that the stadium’s defender Tabby is fighting a battle that he will not win. He claims that the guardian has failed and the destruction that will occur is inevitable. Drake tells the man that they’re not about to let cryptic threats scare them off.

The man spits at Drake hitting him with a stream of acid that burning his face. Drake recoils from the demonic assassin’s attack and throws up a magical shield to protect him. Randal moves quickly and strikes the demonic assassin with a vicious blow. From their vantage point in the stand Taylor and Ginger notice the brawl and rush to join their friends.

The demon’s eyes flare up in anger as he misses Randal with a terrible blow. His fist puts a large rent in the metal holding the scoreboard up. Drake goes on the offensive blasting the demon with a strong bolt of force. Randal charges the demon knocking him off his feet and hard into the metal scaffolding. Ginger continues to rush towards the fight with Taylor followed shortly behind (after snatching some liquid to use in her magic).

Randal barely manages to dodge another vicious attack from the demon. Drake than launches another bolt of power into the demon. The bolt is so powerful that Drake has difficulty in keeping it under his control and his amulet of protection is blown off in the casting. Randal counter attacks sending the demon off the scaffolding into group below.

Ginger arrives on the scene just in time to see the demon come crashing into the ground. A few second later Taylor joins her companions and acts quickly to knock the demon off balance with a blast of icy cola (care of her water magic). The demon is sent careening into a metal barrier and takes some time to come to his defense. The group takes that as an opportunity to beat a hasty retreat before security arrives on the scene and begins asking questions.

The Ti-Cats continue to pummel the Argonauts mirroring the pummeling Tabby is receiving at the hands of his attacker. Randal takes Drake to the washroom to tend to his wounds and ladies return to their seats. Once everyone is back at their seats the group decides that they should call upon Drake’s mentor since he seems to be tangled up in this affair as well. Drake rushes off hoping to contact his mentor before the end of half-time.

Drake arrives at his mentor’s rundown apartment to discover the door’s been bashed in and his mentor is missing. A cursory examination reveals Leland was dragged out of his apartment while he was sitting down to an evening meal. A quick use of thaumaturgy reveals that Leland seems to have been poisoned and dragged out the house by parties unknown. Drake rushes back to Ivor Wynn Stadium to tell the group what he has discovered.

Drake and Randal argue that their first priority should be to help Tabby fight off his attacker. Ginger and Taylor argue that they should rescue Leland. Drake points out that if “they” can grab his mentor that the four of them shouldn’t go rushing into danger. Randal points out that the Tabby seems to be losing the fight and he’ll probably be killed should the Ti-Cats win the game. The group is swayed by Randal’s argument and one of Drake’s hexes manages to turn the entire stadiums power off with 30 seconds to go….


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