The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Jealous Murders - Session #1 - Uncle Murray

I have an uncle?

Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-Coyote – Marie-Pascal

Several days pass after the funeral of Jennifer Christopher. The group goes back to their “normal” everyday lives. Then one day Randal gets a letter in the mail. When he opens the letter he sees four tickets to Friday night’s Hamilton Bulldogs game and a note that says, “Come and bring you four friends with you, Uncle Murray”. This letter worries Randal because he doesn’t know of any Uncle Murray and because the author of the letter seemed to know about the others.

Randal calls Drake up for help with the problem. Drake invites Randal to come over to his place which is located in an upscale condo development in downtown Hamilton. Drake’s place looks like the home of a bachelor who just moved with the exception that it is devoid of technology. Randal is shocked to find out that Drake is forced to live much of his life without the benefit of technology.

Randal quickly cuts to the chase and shows the letter to Drake. Drake examines the letter and can’t find anything unusual. He and Randal discuss who Murray might be. Drake suggests that maybe Uncle Murray is in fact Randal’s uncle. Randal rejects that idea claiming there he has no uncles and certainly none named Murray.

Randal tries to change the topic by suggesting that they contact Ginger and Taylor since it seems the letter was directed at them as well. Randal calls the two and invites them over to Drake’s place. When they arrive they both make quips inquiring about how Drake lives without technology. The four discuss the letter and despite Randal’s object decide to go to the hockey game. Drake gives them another lecture on what he knows about the Fae before they decide to break up for the evening. They all agree to meet up at the Strumpet and Firkin for dinner before going to the hockey game.

When Friday night rolls around the quartet meet up as planned at the [[The Strumpet and Firkin| Strumpet and Firkin]. For the most part the group does not discuss the upcoming hockey game. The night starts off with an order of wings and plenty of beer. The night’s conversation begins with Taylor and Ginger interrogating Drake for information regarding his date with Alisha. Drake stammers out a reply and the ladies insist that they need to meet her in the near future. The group seems to be drinking heavily and Taylor realizes that she has started to get really drunk. She then decides to a cast a spell to block the effects alcohol will have on her. The group eventually heads to Copps Colisuem for the hockey game.

They enjoy the first period of the hockey game before a large hairy man dressed in a 1950-60s style suit joins the group. The man introduces himself as Murray and tries to give a warm greeting to Randal. He spends some time convincing Randal that he in fact his Uncle. He eventually gets around to asking for Randal’s help in finding his daughter (Randal’s cousin) Jean. Randal initially refused to help his Uncle Murray still doubting that he’s related to the Yeti and his daughter. In a last ditch effort to get Randal to believe him Murray pulls out some pictures taken of Randal and Jean when they were babies. At this point Randal and the rest of the group reluctantly agree to help Uncle Murray in exchange for a favour.

The group then questions Uncle Murray about the disappearance of his daughter Jean. He proceeds to explain that Jean went missing about two weeks ago after a night out at a nightclub. The group ask him what nightclub and he can’t recall mumbling something about a “Club 50 something…”. Ginger and Taylor in her drunken haze immediate suspect that the club he’s mentioning is Warehouse 51. When questions Uncle Murray says that he didn’t do any investigation because he doesn’t have enough information and because of certain restrictions in place against his involvement.

Uncle Murray reluctantly answers some of Randal’s questions regarding his father. He tries to explain that under the Unseelie Accords what Randal’s father Mickey did wasn’t illegal. Randal does not take this excuse well growling that what Mickey did was wrong and that it is illegal in this world. Eventually the two realize that they are at an impasse and drop the subject. The next day Randal goes to his mother to ask about her relationship with Mickey and Uncle Murray. She reveals that in fact that Uncle Murray used to be quite involved in their lives. The Yeti used to help her out around the house in an attempt to make up for what his brother did. He mentions that Uncle Murray and his wife (and willing partner) Mary had a young girl named Jean. Jean used to play with Randal when the two were younger. Randal’s mother also mentions that when Randal’s true nature started to come out she asked Uncle Murray to stay way. This gives Randal a lot to think about…


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