The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Jealous Murders - Session #2 - Warehouse 51

Aliens and Faeries...Oh My...

Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-Coyote – Marie-Pascal

The group has decided that they will help Randal’s Uncle Murray look for his lost daughter Jean. The last time he has heard from her, she was planning on going for a night on the town at Warehouse 51. They decided that the best course of action was to go to the nightclub and investigate. Ginger and Taylor have been to the nightclub before and to them the place means trouble. They also have evidence that a secretive occult group is using the nightclub as a front but are not sure what to do about it.

They know that if they’re going to fit in at the nightclub that they have to look the part. Taylor and Ginger have no problem looking like they fit in at the night club. Randal on the other hand would stick out like a sore thumb. Ginger and Taylor take it upon themselves to get Randal into some stylish club wear. To say that the changeling was resistant to this effort would be a giant understatement. Eventually, the pair wear him down and get him into some leather pants with a music t-shirt on underneath.

The trio arrive at Warehouse 51 and spread out to see what they can pick up. Ginger and Taylor decided to put their social skills to good use and question some of the people in the club. They soon discover that Jean Crenshaw was last seen arguing with a regular by the name of Sarah Becker. It seems Jean was sleeping with Sarah Becker’s boyfriend, Jerry Foster. Jerry was sleeping with a lot of the club’s other female regulars as well. Taylor also discovered that Jerry has a reputation as a man-whore, a fantastic dancer with a pretty face and a beautiful voice.

After a little more digging, they find out that Sarah has gotten into a number of fights at the club recently. She has garnered quite a reputation as the club’s Queen Bee. Taylor discovered that in recent weeks, Sarah was seen arguing with several other patrons and that those patrons weren’t seen or heard from until the next week if at all. When chatting up one of the bartenders, Ginger discovers that the previous week, Sarah had been seen arguing with Jerry and that Jerry has not been seen since then.

Ginger decides to make a bold move and attempt to get a reaction from Sarah and to try to identify if she was human. She walks up to the guy that Sarah is talking with and starts to flirt with him. This angers Sarah and she tells Ginger to hit the road. Ginger refuses to obey and no one is hurt in the ensuing scuffle but Sarah does come away with a piece strand of Ginger’s hair. Ginger’s first instinct is to get the hair back but then she notices something going on with Randal on a balcony above her…

While the ladies are doing the talking, Randal takes a walk around to see if he can notice anything. He is approached by a smooth talking man who introduces himself as DJ Apothos. He man attempts to work his magic on Randal with promises of satisfaction, fulfillment and a chance to connect with that which is beyond the bounds of this dimension…if Randal only allows himself to be open to the possibilities. He hands Randal a pamphlet and tells him that a group of truth seekers is meeting on Wednesday night at the club and that they’d like him to come. Randal politely refuses the invitation and proceeds to continue exploring the club.

Randal finds a perch on an upper balcony that gives him a nice view of the rest of the club. From that vantage point, Randal was able to quietly observe the altercation between Ginger and Sarah. He is so engrossed watching the action below him that he does not notice the supernatural darkness creeping towards him. Randal is attacked out of those inky shadows by a creature that he has never seen before. Ginger notices the creature getting ready to attack Randal and rushes to his aid. The creature gets the jump on Randal but he soon (with the help of Ginger) beats the creature to death.

Soon after the fight, Taylor joins the group while they attempt to figure out what attacked them. Randal dumps the body into a giant garbage can and smuggles it out to his truck. The group piles into the truck and heads out to pay Drake a visit.


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