The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Jealous Murders - Session #3 - Jealous Woman

Dig deeper into the world of a jealous woman...

Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura

Taylor and Randal arrive at the condo complex where Drake lives with the body in hand. After the usual trouble communicating with Drake through the intercom they make their way up to his place. They arrive to find him in the middle of reading a book loaned to him by his mentor. Randal enters the apartment carrying the green garbage can containing the deteriorating remains of the creature he killed at Warehouse 51.

Drake is surprised by Randal’s “delivery” and tells them to take it into the bathroom so that they can examine it. The trio cram into the bathroom where Randal dumps the remains of the creature into the bathtub. Drake takes one look at the remains of the creature and determines that it is a Hobb. He then explains to the group that Hobbs are faerie shock troopers usually associated with the Winter Court. He goes on to note that it appears as though the one that Randal killed is associated with the Summer Court.

This leads the group to suspect that the creature was specifically sent after Randal or that the Summer Court is involved in the disappearance. The group then discusses the possibility that elements of the Summer Court are working with the Church of Alientology. The Church of Alientology is a group of people who believe that Aliens and have great plans for humanity. Drake tells the tale to the group about how he encountered them a few years back at Warehouse 51. He goes on to explain that he knows they use Warehouse 51 as a front but is not sure how.

The person they believe is responsible for the disappearance of Jean and several other regulars of Warehouse 51 is Sarah Becker. When Taylor describes her, Drake does a double take because he knows her. She was also a patient at the psychiatric hospital that treated Drake. He explains that he knows she’s was diagnosed as paranoid in addition to having a few other issues. He does not know if her mind was affected by the White Court Vampires that were feeding on the other patients in the hospital. The group decides to add the White Court to their list of suspects. The group realizes that it is late and break up to get some sleep.

When she wakes up the next morning Taylor decides to use the internet to look into Sarah Becker and Jerry Foster. Her search reveals that Sarah Becker had a definite reputation as a wild child and is a known figure in Hamilton’s party scene. She also finds Sarah’s Facebook page which reveals that the girl is a New Ager, a member of McMaster University’s Alternative Faiths Group and works at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza hotel. She also uncovers a blog post written by Angela Hammond, who has since gone missing, about a time when she’d argued with Sarah over claims that Sarah could get any guy to do what-ever she wanted (even gay guys) because she had a magical talent. The group begins to suspect that she may have some magical talent.

The story of Jerry Foster is even more interesting. It seems that he has a reputation as a skilled singer and has known to do live performances all over Hamilton. The night that Taylor went to Warehouse 51 he was supposed to perform at the Neutral Grounds Coffeehouse but did not show up. She finds several music review articles in alternative newspapers (like ECHO) and blog posts about his talents. She also manages to uncover an article from about 15-20 years ago about Jerry Foster (at that time a 6 year old boy) being found in the forest near the Devil’s Punchbowl. The Devil’s Punchbowl is a place rumoured to have connections to the supernatural.

The group decides that they need to get closer to Sarah Baker in order to further their investigation. They know that on Sunday’s she goes to a meeting of McMaster’s Alternative Faiths Group (AFG) at the campus student centre. As she’s leaving the meeting Randal and Taylor take up observation posts a safe distance away while Drake gets close enough to use his wizard’s senses. As he walks past her Drake definitely gets the sense that she’s got some magical talent. The group tails her to her apartment in a relatively quiet Hamilton neighbourhood. Taylor then has a brilliant idea and proceeds to break into Sarah’s car to steal some of the girl’s hairs for Drake to use in a thaumaturgical ritual.

The group travel’s back to Drake’s apartment so that he can do the ritual. He prepares for the ritual by lighting candles and creating a magical circle using Dead Sea salt. He then places the silver bowl of clean water in front of him and begins gathering up the magical energies needed for his spell calling out to ancient gods of magic/divination. Then at the end of the ritual he puts the Sarah’s hair into the water and an image forms. The image shows Sarah in the middle of her own magic circle with candles burning all around her tying the hair she stole from Ginger to a pentagram before taping it to a hand drawn picture (of Ginger) then chanting in a language he doesn’t understand before stabbing the picture with a knife. (NOTE: This assessment reveals that Sarah has the aspect ‘Mind Magic Gets Me What I Want’.


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