The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Jealous Murders - Session #5 - A Mind Blowing Finish

Don't Lose Your Head...


Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-coyote – Marie-Pascal

From the top of a nearby building the elves launch a flight of arrows in the direction of Randal and Drake. Both men manage to dodge out of the path of the arrows.

Ginger transforms into a coyote while racing up the fire-escape stairs to the roof of the building to confront the elves. She hacks into one of the faeries with her razor sharp claws and teeth. Drawing blood with her initial attack she uses the full power of her were-form to pin the elf to the ground and then rips the elf’s throat out leaving killing him almost instantly.

After dodging the elves’ initial attack Drake quaffs a potion that turns him into an unkindness of ravens. When he reforms he’s on the roof behind the elves using a force attack to knock an elf to the ground and proceeds to question the downed elf. The rushed interrogation of the elf reveals that they were sent by a local Fairy Lady (who Drake believes is Annabelle) because she believes that Drake killed her son Jerry.

Randal, after recovering from his attempts to dodge the arrows, goes on the offensive. The back of his truck yields a sledge hammer for a weapon and a spare tire for a shield. Randal charges towards the building that houses the elves using the tire to block incoming arrows. Frustrated at the constant barrage of arrows Randal hurls the tire at his attackers knocking the head off one.

Taylor knocks over an freezer full of ice and uses the frozen water to work her magic. She narrowly misses a barrage of ice aimed at one of the elves. While this is happening she notices a car pulling into the far end of the motel’s parking lot.

The top on the silver convertible comes down and Sarah Becker gets out of the car in an attempt to make a haughty entrance. She points her staff at Randal focusing magical energy into a vicious mental attack spell. With a mighty effort the changeling shrugs off the attack. Randal bellows in anger and his football charge knocks the sorceress on her back. Randal proceeds to pummel the mad wizard with powerful blows.

Meanwhile, after leaping from the building Ginger’s inhuman speed allows her to make up the distance to Sarah a matter of seconds. She also launches into Sarah with a series of devastating attacks using tooth and claw.

Taylor uses the distraction caused by Randal and Ginger’s attacks to disable the getaway car without anyone noticing. Then she smashes the car door into Sarah’s back knocking her over and her staff sprawling.

Drake holds his own while trading spells with Sarah. He uses his friends’ attacks to make up for the fact that she’s more powerful than him. Drake’s is careful not to unleash too much power lest his spells kill.

The combined might of Randal, Taylor, Ginger and Drake overwhelm her. Sarah is brought to her knees begging for mercy and claiming that she never meant to kill anyone. In a desperate attempt to have her life spared she reveals that she was trained by a woman named De Lacy and that members of the Church of Alientology promised that things would be all right. She continues to plead for her life as the companions await for Rachel Weston to deliver the harsh justice of the White Council.


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