The Dresden Files - The Hammer Falls

Jealous Murders - Session #5 - Epilogue


Drake Beasley – Apprentice Wizard – Sean
Randal Carter – Half-Yeti Changeling – Mike
Taylor Hayworth – Emissary of the Water Dragon Loam – Laura
Ginger Baker – Were-coyote – Marie-Pascal

The group rushes search Sarah Becker’s apartment before the White Council confiscates her materials. When the pull into the building’s parking lot they notice there are lights on at the apartment.

They enter the apartment with caution and discover a man tied up in bedroom. They set the man free and find out that he was one of Sarah Becker’s lovers. She had tied him up during the course and left him tied up after he feel asleep (while leaving to go after the group).

The group searches the apartment signs of her magical activities. They uncover a copper pentagram Drake immediately recognizes as summoning circle. They also discover that a chest containing some of Sarah’s adult toys has a false bottom. Tucked in that false bottom are several papers in a language that no one can read.

While they are conducting the search a thug burst into the apartment and confronts the group. Randal and Ginger make short work of the attacker and bound him for interrogation. The group discovers that he was sent by the Church of Alientology to retrieve Sarah Becker’s mystical materials before they were discovered by the White Council. In the end the group leaves him in the ally unconscious smelling of booze.

The group leaves the investigation of the mystical papers up to Drake. His mentor Leland Merriweather gives him the name of someone who can probably translate the documents. Drake travels to visit Dr. George Wilson a minor talent who works as a history professor at McMaster University. Even he has trouble translating the documents but has does not that the worlds “opening the gates” appear in them several times. Drake suspects that it is best for everyone (himself included) if the contents of the documents are kept secret.

With a great deal of sorrow Taylor asks for help in retrieving the body of Jean Crenshaw from the icy depths of Lake Ontario…


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