Father Patrick O'Rourke

Clued in Priest


High Concept: Clued in Catholic Priest
Aspects: He’s More Then Meets He First Appears


Father Patrick O’Rourke has been a priest at The Catherdral of Christ the King in Hamilton for more then 25 years. He’s seen countless parishioners come and go. He’s seen countless supernatural beings threatening to harm those parishioners and stepped in to stop it every time. While his body is slowing down it its old age, his fight against the supernatural is not.

When told about the circumstance regarding Jennifer Christopher’s death Father O’Rourke agrees to see that she is buried on sacred ground. In addition he offers his aid to Drake, Ginger, Randall and Taylor in the future should they need it.

First Appearance: Dead Heir

Father Patrick O'Rourke

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