Randal Carter

Yeti Changeling Groundskeeper


Yep, its Randal with one ‘l’. Its spelled that way on his birth certificate, so thats the way its spelled!

Randal is a very large, muscular man, standing over 6 ft 6 inches tall, and all of it thick muscle. Not the body builder type, but hard work power lifter unscuplted mass.

He has strong angular facial features. A thick brow and lantern jaw are prominent indeed.

He has long brown hair with white streaks, almost always tied in a pony tail. He constantly has a five o’clock shadow type beard, even early in the morning, and swears he shaves every day.

He seems to have an abundance of body hair, over his arms, chest, back and legs. One might say he is swarthy, hirsuit even.

His regular mode of dress doesn’t change from season to season. In the heat of summer or dead of winter, he wears work boots, khaki shorts with lots of pockets, a grey t-shirt, and a floppy Tilly type hat. He might throw on a scarf or maybe even earmuffs if it gets really cold.

Randal Carter

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