Neutral Grounds Coffee House

Neutral Grounds is a coffehouse and independent bookstore. It has a well-stocked occult book section which, in combination with the excellent coffee, has enabled it to become a regular hangout for the minor members of Hamilton’s supernatural community. Another reason it’s attractive to supernaturally aware people is the sign located immediately below the “Fueled By Zeke’s Coffee” poster: “Accorded Neutral Ground".

Neutral Grounds does not offer WiFi, free or otherwise. Wireless Internet does not mix
well with wizards, and even cell phone reception is unreliable within the shop. The clientele seems to take this in stride (a third sign on the wall exhorts patrons to “UNPLUG.”). Many patrons indicate that this is a big reason that they frequent this coffeehouse over others.

Aspect: Accorded Neutral Ground
Theme: Unplug


First Appearance: Jealous Murders

Neutral Grounds Coffee House

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