The Strumpet and Firkin

The Strumpet and Firkin is an English pub that derives is interior from the traditional stone-built style of an English country cottage, the inside is so welcoming and hospital that over the years it has simply become accepted as the best local pubs. Inside, the warm atmosphere is be created by rough white-washed plaster walls, timber beams, stone floors, and dressers stacked with tankards and brightly colored crockery. Customers sit upon wooden benches or in settle-seats and a large open fire-complete with grate, bellows and a suspended cast-iron kettle – provide a hub for the conversation of the evening.

The Idea: Gathering Point and Hang Out for Ginger, Randall, Drake and Taylor
Aspect: Where Everybody Knows Your Name…


First Appearance: Dead Heir

The Strumpet and Firkin

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